Tree Stump Removal

Are you tired of seeing that unattractive tree stump in your otherwise attractive garden?
Do you have a tree, bush or stump that's in the way or just a downright hazard?

We can help! We offer a range of tree stump removal options, including stump grinding open  & narrow access ,lopping trunks & small to medium tree lopping and more.

The results will amaze you and you won't regret choosing AAA Stump Grinding.

Stump Grinding

If you're in need of tree stump removal, we can offer a comprehensive range of grinding services to suit all types and sizes of stumps.

Large stumps are not a problem for our big 4x4 stump grinder, and we invite the challenge! 

Our smaller narrow (limited access) stump grinder is capable of clearing gaps of just 75cm. A standard doorway is around 80cm, and this grinder has been known to go through houses and up and down solid steps, with the use of ramps, to gain access to the stump.

Don't put off your tree stump removal project because you think it's too big, too inaccessible or too expensive. Call today and find out how we can help!


Stump Trimming

In order to offer a comprehensive tree stump removal service, we carry a top quality chainsaw so we are capable of trimming any stumps to a more manageable height for grinding. 

Tree Lopping

In addition to our high quality stump grinding services, we also offer affordable tree lopping for small to medium trees and bushes. 

All tree removal projects are performed at our usual highest standard and quality and in some cases, can be followed up with our stump grinding service to complete your comprehensive tree removal project.

Contact us today to find out how affordable your project could be.